A new visual editing platform for non-designers and designers alike

Addressing overlooked attributes of how digital design happens

I’m creating a for non-designers and designers alike to address three critical attributes of how the design of our digital world happens:

  1. Design is highly iterative and ad hoc.
  2. Digital products are continuously updated and rarely complete.
  3. Most design work is done by people without “design” in their titles.

Our tools often fail to recognize these attributes. People with critical contributions aren’t able to fully express themselves. Whether they want to point out a bug, propose an idea, or create an entirely new structure, existing software can be too intimidating, and email can be too vague to get the point across.

I created to help teams rapidly and inexpensively iterate together. It enables you to capture screenshots directly from your browser, provide contextual feedback, and quickly share ideas.

I hope to create a platform that’s as conversational as your favorite chat app and as iterative as your favorite graphics editing software, yet much more user-friendly and cheaper to use.

If you are interested in being an early adopter, I invite you to and try it out. I’d love to hear what you think and how I can make MockVisual into something you love and use every day.

Thank you!

Building @mockvisual (YC S19) • Formerly @Flexport @Google @Intuit • Interested in platforms